Acer Liquid Leap+ Tracks Fitness without Breaking the Bank

The more companies get involved in the wearable tech industry, the more affordable fitness trackers become. Acer’s touchscreen fitness and sleep tracker is a prime example of that, as it will carry a price tag of less than $90.

Acer has been the fourth largest PC vendor in the world for the past four years, and since it is a bit unlikely that it will occupy a higher position in the near future (that is, unless the SuperFish fiasco hits Lenovo’s sales), the Taiwanese company has decided to dip its toes into other markets, wearables being one of them. Liquid Leap+ is by no means the first fitness tracker Acer has made, but it adds a bit more functionality to the previous model at a much lower price.

Liquid Leap+ shares its design lines with wearables made by Garmin, Samsung and Microsoft, so Acer’s smart band isn’t revolutionary in this aspect. To make something different, you need to take the minimalistic route, as Xiaomi did with their ultra-affordable Mi Band, or do something as intricately-designed as Misfit’s Swarovski Shine.

Despite the simple design, the Liquid Leap+ abounds with functionality. Users have quick access to all the features via the included touchscreen, which is definitely something you don’t get too see that often in this price range. As a matter of fact, the one-inch OLED touchscreen represent the only way to control this fitness tracker, since it doesn’t include any physical buttons.

Acer’s fitness and sleep tracker syncs data with your smartphone over a Bluetooth 4.0 LE connection. As far as the compatibility with your smartphone’s OS is concerned, the Taiwanese company didn’t take sides, so the device will work equally fine with iOS, Android or Windows Phone. The tracker is compliant with the IPX7 waterproof standard, and while it might not handle physical shocks too well, it could be a trusty companion while swimming.

There has been no word on when the Liquid Leap+ will be available in the US, but for the time being, Acer plans to launch it later this month in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for €79 ($88). The Taiwanese company will have this fitness tracker on display at their MWC stand in Barcelona, so anyone visiting the exhibition will get the chance to see it in action and decide for themselves if it’s any good.

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