Acer Revo RL100 HTPC Finally Coming to America

It used to be that Acer was mostly known as a company that would put out massively cheaper desktop and laptop computers but the company has clearly been trying to rebrand itself lately.  The Revo RL100 certainly serves that purpose.

Acer has actually been working pretty hard to be seen as a company that will bring some of the best high tech gadgets to the world with items like their Liquid Metal smartphone and the AX3200 desktop with Blu-ray player included.  Of course if you want to be able to share any kind of media between these devices and more than you are going to want the Revo RL100.  Acer has just announced that while this device has been available abroad for a while now, it will finally begin shipping to the United States as well.

The Revo RL is considered a digital hub by the company, that connects to a flat screen television and even includes a wireless keyboard in order to link all sorts of different Acer devices.  Once these Acer devices are connected, (even smartphones) you are able to play any movies or music that might be stored on these machines on the television where the RL100 is connected.

The RL100 is lightweight and small, measuring just 1 inch high and 11.81 inches wide  x 7.09 inches long.  It is the wireless touchpad, keyboard that serves a dual function that is the key to this particular device.  Using this remote control you can use something called FreeTouch that will allow you to scroll across the screen with your finger.  With two fingers, you can actually rotate images that pop up on the television screen such as PDF files to up to 90 degrees.  In addition you can pinch and zoom images such as your photo library and you can browse the web or sort through various media and music libraries using the swipe function.

The Acer Revo RL100 is expected to hit store shelves any time now and will most likely retail for somewhere around $499.  While this isn’t particularly cheap, considering all the different things you can do with the device, that might actually be a bit of a steal if you are an Acer enthusiast.