Condition ONE App for iPad Brings War To iOS

When the iPad and iPhones were released, it is almost a given that even Steve Jobs didn’t really have any idea of just how many different things the devices would end up being able to do.

Of course there are the strictly fun and games type tasks that the iOS devices can handle like being able to send a personalized post card to your friends and family all through the touches of a few buttons, there is also the ability, using a new kind of camera to actually shoot 360 degree video with your iPhone  in order to watch different things all going on at the same time on your iPhone or iPad.

Those are fun and neat, but a new iPad app called Condition ONE goes much farther in that it actually may revolutionize the way people view war from the sidelines.  World renowned war time photographer Danfung Dennis has been covering war the only way he knows how for quite a while now but he says that he began to realize that simple still images and video of the side effects of war weren’t getting the true horror across anymore.

The Condition ONE app, which is still in development, will combine several different camera angles, sights and sounds in order to tell a story the way Dennis says no other iPad app, let alone movie or television show can.

My Freedom Or Death – Condition ONE Beta from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo.

The app uses a new kind of video photography, not unlike high tech 360 degree cameras in order to capture the entire field of vision.  The goal is then to allow the user of the Condition ONE app to scroll around the battle field as the video is running in order to better see all that is happening during one particular pitched battle or another.  While Condition ONE won’t be available until sometime in the middle of 2011, the demo video alone seems to show just how this new kind of photography could be applied to all sorts of genres to give a much richer experience of whatever it is you are watching.