Adidas X Star Wars Chewbacca Shoes

Well, they both are famous and good, and when they are combined we get to see something MARVELOUS! We have seen it before and get ready to witness the coming once again. Yup, the Adidas x Star Wars Chewbacca is their latest spaced-out signature shoe.

Remember the Jogging Hi model from Adidas that was released sometime back? The design has been taken to a whole new level adding some Star Wars touch to it.

These shoes are made of brown suede with fur on the top and black laces giving it the right Star Wars touch. And, remember they aren’t summer shoes! You don’t want to set your feet on fire or get them rashes because of the heat, do you? Of course you don’t, and no one else would want it so restrain from wearing these shoes in summer. They are meant for winter so keep them to their purpose to enjoy them.

The Adidas tag on the flap is particularly interesting. The way it is designed adds another touch of barbarism to the shoes. With that said, you don’t need to be a barbarian when you wear these shoes. We already have enough of them around. But, you can wear them on your next winter trip with your newly bought suede jacket and denim jeans, wouldn’t that be great?

It is a must to agree now that the Star Wars fad has once again been revived. It wasn’t long ago when fans thought they won’t see any Star Wars stuff anymore, but this is a testimonial to the fact that the Star Wars fad can never die. Fans would never be in an era where they won’t see any Star Wars stuff.

Besides, Chewbacca has been our all-time favorite, hasn’t he? His weird acts and the weird way of talking have amused us and frightened kids for long enough haven’t it? Why not celebrate his coming with these shoes? If Chewbacca was real he would have loved these shoes for sure. He would have felt honored seeing that people are now making shoes as a memorabilia for him. The pictures of the shoes were submitted by Kenlu.

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Via: SneakerFreaker