Pacman Skull Tattoo

If you love tattoos and are an ardent fan of Pacman, then the Pacman skull tattoo is definitely for you. This tattoo, created by Dennis Duarte, shows the different characters of the game all embedded in the ubiquitous skull design that was created and popularized a few years ago.pacskull

Fans have never been able to get enough of the little yellow creature called Pacman who goes about gobbling as many power pellets as it can before being caught by one of the four ghosts. Over the years, the game and its characters have been immortalized through various mementos in the marketplace. The latest one to join this bandwagon is the Pacman skull tattoo.

The outer design of this tattoo is the exact replica of the skull as it was designed in the year 2002. The body of the skull inside the tattoo tries to create the visual effect of the game and comes complete with Pacman, the pac dots, the power pellets and the ghosts.

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