3D Printed Tricycle Model Rolls Around Like the Real Thing

Despite my own crafting skills to be somewhat less inspiring than a twinky, I do have an appreciation for others who seem to be able to pop out really fun creative stuff in seemingly the blink of an eye. Take this little printed tricycle model, for example. Sure on the surface it is just a little model that rolls around like a real tricycle, but the video is surprisingly fun to watch.

Now this 3D model prints as a 1 piece with turnable steering, pedals, and of course, wheels. The creator does not, however, recommend that you actually try riding the thing, unless it is with your fingers like those finger skateboards I seem to see everywhere. Also note that if you decide to pick one of these up, your steering wheel may be stuck at first, all you have to do is *gently* rotate the steering column back and forth to loosen it up.

If white seems a bit too bland for your sophisticated (hahaha) taste, then you have a variety of colors to choose from. These include Black, Summer Magenta (as opposed to Fall Magenta? What does Winter Magenta look like?) and Summer Green (I pose the same question to this color, too).  I still think White looks the best, but that’s just my 2 cents. I also don’t have much of an appreciation for oddly named colors, either, so take that into account.

Now if you’re looking for some other fun models, you can find them here on Walyou, too. I’m not a huge Southpark fan, but I have to admit this You Killed Kenny Doorstopper is awesome. If you want something a bit smaller and cuter, there’s the Sloth Sushi Figure. No, for the record, I still don’t know why they’re called that. They just are, so there!

Via: Shapeways