Get Creative with Adonit Adobe Ink & Slide

iPads already pack enough computing power to run Adobe’s Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch without any problems, but to use the apps to the fullest, you need a couple of creative tools such as the Adobe Ink & Slide.

First announced back in 2013 as projects Mighty and Napoleon, the Adobe Ink & Slide could be regarded as a premium stylus and ruler, but in fact their functionality goes way beyond that. Fit for both budding artists and professionals, the two tools can easily turn an iPad into a digital canvas. In all fairness, drawing on a tablet without at least a basic stylus typically leads to inaccurate shapes where precise lines should be. Adobe Ink and Slide, which are now available in our store, Walyou Deals, can improve the way you sketch on the iPad.

You don’t have to give up on sketching while traveling or commuting, especially if you own an iPad. Pack the Ink stylus with you, to draw smoothly and seamlessly, and the Slide ruler to create lines and curves with impressive accuracy. The combo enables you to draw any shape you want, from straight lines and circles to French curves.

The LED light of the stylus will help you notice whether the Ink is on and connected to an iPad. Setting both of these devices up is really easy, and the entire setup process will take very little of your time. The two gadgets aren’t only highly functional, but they are also very durable, as they are both encased in aluminum, and their bodies feel very sleek. If you’re curious about the dimensions, Ink measures 5.6? × 0.5? × 0.5? and weighs 0.04 pounds, while Slide is 3.9? × 0.9? × 0.4?, at about the same weight.

If you’re concerned about compatibility, then you should learn that the Ink and Slide connect over Bluetooth 4.0 to iPad 4 or newer, all models of iPad Mini, including Retina, and the first generation iPad Air. If you decide to use Ink and Slide with non-iPad devices and non-Adobe software, you’ll only have access to stylus functionality.

Adobe Illustrator Draw and Adobe Photoshop Sketch, the two apps that the Ink and Slide were designed for, can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store. On top of that, you can use these two items with a Creative Cloud membership. There is a free option for this, too, so you don’t have to worry about spending any additional money besides what you’re paying for the accessories.

Adobe Ink & Slide are available as a set on Walyou Deals, where you can save 85% off the retail price. In other words, you will only pay $29.99 instead of $200, but for that you’ll have to hurry, as the offer expires in 6 days. All sales are final, and shipping is free to continental US addresses. Deliveries are expected to take place between February 12 and 15.

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