10 Cool Rubik’s Cubes

The world is still fascinated by Rubik’s Cubes, even when it’s been decades since the game came out for the first time. In order to keep people interested, sometimes the only thing companies change is the design, while the mechanics remain the same. It still works, retaining the magic of the original cube puzzle.

Cool Rubik’s Cubes Google Chrome Edition

Cool Rubik's Cubes Google Chrome Edition

Known as the Ball of Whacks, it is a a set of 30 magnetic plastic blocks, and each individual piece of the Ball of Whacks is a “golden ratio” rhombic pyramid, held in place by 180 rare earth magnets. This special G-Chrome edition is available for $57.

ShengShou 3 x 3 Mirror Cube Puzzle

Cool Rubik's Cubes ShengShou 3 x 3 Mirror Cube Puzzle

The ShengShou mirror cube looks more like a mini transformer trying to get into car mode than a regular Rubik’s cube puzzle, giving you the same puzzle solving experience from a different angle. Available for $5.

YJ Yulong Stickerless Cube Puzzle

Cool Rubik's Cubes 3X3

Having a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube isn’t a new concept, unless you leave the stickers out of the process, making it into a transparent, exposed toy puzzle to mess around with. It’s less about the different it offers when it comes to playability, and more about the unique design.Available for $6.99

Tik-Tac-Toe Cube – 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube

Cool Rubik's Cubes 3X3 KreNol Cube

The KreNol cube is another nice twist on the Rubik’s Cube, with the end result giving you six different tic-tac-toe boards that have been won by the circle. Available for $20.

Magic Combination 3d Gear Cube 

Cool Rubik's Cubes 1

A very interesting design, making the cube seem like pieces of wood or rock meshed together to give it its unique look. Another speciality unlike ordinary 3×3×3 cube, are the four water chestnut as the center fixing the whole cube. Available for $6.95.

ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube Puzzle

Cool Rubik's Cubes ShengShou Megaminx Speed Cube Puzzle

The dodecahedron-shaped puzzle has 50 movable pieces compared to the 20 pieces a 3×3 cube has. It’s great for those who try to make their puzzle experience about speed solving. Available for $7.64.

Dayan ZhanChi 3x3x3 6-Color Stickerless Speed Cube

Cool Rubik's Cubes 3X3 1

The Dayan ZhanChi stickerless speed cube is about simple colors and solving it quickly thanks to its excellent, smooth design and build. It’s available for $12.90.

Rubik’s Cube Game

Cool Rubik's Cubes 3X3 2

You can’t go wrong with a classic Rubik’s Cube that comes with a solution guide for those who like cheats and walkthroughs, and also a display stand for when you finally complete it and want to show off to anyone who comes into your home. Available for $9.99.

Original Rubik’s cube, Vintage Condition

Cool Rubik's Cubes 3X3 5

A vintage item from the original Rubik’s Cube days that is the Blackjack or Poker version of the puzzle, matching up cards instead of colors. Available for $25.

ShengShou 5x 5 x 5 V III Speed Cube Puzzle

Cool Rubik's Cubes 3X3 9

Another ShengShou product with a twist: It’s colorful and fast just like their other products, but the 5×5 edition makes it a little bit more difficult. Available for $7.08

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