Aeon Project: Unrealistic Immersive 3D HUD Concept

What is more awesome than a giant pea pod that can drive and fly itself?  The Aeon Project concept design.  This concept design is meant to take AR (augmented reality) a step further, albeit a step that we aren’t technologically able to take right now.  The device shown in the Aeon Project’s video is an autonomous flying and driving pod-shaped vehicle that has an interactive 3D HUD interface.  Said interface gives you the ability to learn more about the local architecture, navigate with a seemingly real bright orange line that leads to your destination, and much more.  There is (apparently) a reclinable seat involved in this cool concept by Michael Harboun, Fablen Chancel, and Akki Reddy Challa, which makes it much more in line with my tastes.  If only it could let me watch NFL games while flying on autopilot …

The Aeon Project

aeon project

The pictures shown above are just screenshots from the video shown below, but still motion is sometimes the best kind of motion.  The Aeon Project concept design took first place at the Imagina Awards in the category of Best Design and Communication – no small feat.  Let’s just hope that if the Aeon Project ever becomes a reality, they have an Angry Birds app.  Looking at the architecture of the Hollow Tooth in 3D is cool, but I think many of us would rather take the same concept and apply it to things like Fruit Ninja.  Wait … there already is a 3D virtual reality Fruit Ninja game.  “Yes, but can you play it in the car?”  That, my friend, is a wonderful point indeed.  I’m all for the in-car-fruit-slashing-action.

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