Angry Birds Superhero Mashups

Angry Birds has taken over the world by storm. In a way, they are their own sort of superheroes. Here we have some very cool Angry Birds meet famous superheroes mashups.

The artist has taken some of your favorite comic book protagonists and combined them with all of the Angry Birds characters to create the new, super-cool Angry Birds Superheroes.


The Hulk

Black Birds meets the Hulk to crush the competition.

Iron Bird

Black bird pops up again, this time as a version of Iron Man fighting for justice against the Pigs.


The Green Bird turns red and blue. It’s a Bird, it’s not a plane, it’s Superman … it’s Superbird!

The Flash

Yellow Bird goes red, while keeping some yellow lighting striping, as he turns into a mashup with The Flash.

Angry Bat

The Black Bird is explosively unstoppable! Here he mashes with Batman to become Angry Bat.

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If you know the real, full name of the artist who is the creative mind behind these awesome Angry Birds mashups, please let us know in the comment section below. We want to make sure to give full credit.