Fashion Police May Not Approve Air-conditioned Pants

Most countries in the Northern Hemisphere are having their hottest summers in decades and that has given rise to innovative methods to cool oneself.

One of the latest entrants is the Air-conditioned Pants which promises to cool you between your legs, if you are feeing hot and sweaty. Not exactly what I would call stylish or trendy but it might certainly appeal to certain geeky folks who think as long as something has ‘technology’ in it, it’s worth trying.

I would beg to differ but I am sure a lot of people might actually find these ill-fitting trousers cool and at $208, they are not very cheap either. In fact, I would choose to wear shorts that are made of thin fabrics and allow the ventilation. Lugging around air-conditioners that are sewed into your clothes may not be the best way to remain cool and agile.

If you thought these pants weren’t geeky enough, you might also want to take a look at the Parachute Pants, which are dorkier and geekier. The Keyboard Pants are yet another example of fashion-gone-wrong. No matter what you choose to wear this summer, remember that some people may find it too distracting if you wore something totally out of this world.