Geek-Approved Keyboard Pants Unleash Wrath of Fashion Police

Fashion and technology always make for odd bedmates and those who disagree, can have a look at the Keyboard Pants. Designed by smartypants (pardon the pun) Erik De Nijs, this not so trendy clothing apparel is the epitome of nerdome and seems straight out of the television set of the god awful ‘Beauty and Geek.’

The über-geeky pants come equipped with a fully-functional keyboard, that is Bluetooth enabled, and there are tiny little speakers also sewn in the pants, in case you want to pull a Jackson and grab your crotch and dance away! Since, no computing experience is complete without a mouse, the thoughtful designer has also sewn in a small pocket for the mandatory wireless computer mouse. Gamers who like to play with their stick (wait, that just didn’t come out right), will be happy to know that there is even a joystick controller located strategically behind the front zipper (this just gets better and better).

So what possessed Nijs to design a pair of pants with an attached keyboard? Was it the urge to conduct the ultimate social experience? Or to be immortalized in the annals of fashion? While, the latter possibility is unlikely (sorry dude), rest assured, the Keyboard Pants will find favor in geekdome, as which self-respecting geek wouldn’t want to type away on his nether region?

According to the designer, Erik De Nijs, he wanted to design the ultimate geeky jeans. Since, they are a part of a school assignment, it is unlikely that the pants will ever see mass production (a blessing or a curse?). As expected, the pants have resulted in several jokes and while we will spare you the cheesy ones, we can’t help but share this one:


1. Pull down zipper

2. Hit “P” key

Jokes apart, the Keyboard Pants do have the novelty factor and it is hard not to give  brownie points to the designer for his rather ingenue approach, although hammering away on the space bar button in public, may not be the brightest of move. If you are a fan of unique keyboards that don’t necessary end up poking you in sensitive areas, then check out the Optimus Popularis & Mini Six Keyboard or the ABC: The Customizable Keyboard.