Useless Kit Masquerades As a Profound Black Box

There is always some mystery associated with black boxes. They seem to hold all the unknown information that investigators require after a terrible accident or tragedy.

However, this black box is an exception. It is a Useless Box Kit that actually does nothing. It looks very important and profound but in reality all that it does is switching itself off when you switch it on.

It can be a great way to deceive your friends and make them believe you have got hold of an amazing scientific instrument. Better still, you can scare the hell out of your friends by telling them this unique black box holds all the secrets that they never want anyone else to know. In fact, how you use this box is all up to you as it does nothing but act as a canvas to your devious ideas and plans.

This DIY electronics kit costs $39.99 and is currently out of stock. If you are impressed with the prank,. you might register yourself to be notified when it becomes available. If you can’t wait for this prank, do take a look at the Calculator Prank Hack, which should be easy to do it on your own at home. The Ghost Chili Pizza Prank is a great way to shock your friends.