Air umbrella deflects rain with an air force field

Umbrellas have not yet found a way to access the internet and somehow combine that with their intended use. That doesn’t mean an umbrella can’t be smart.


Umbrellas can become quite troublesome in big cities, where people gotta traverse crowded and cramped highways to reach their destinations. All things considered, an umbrella can sometimes be more troublesome than straight up getting damp. Yet, here comes a solution to get rid of the bulky traditional umbrellas that aims to make it really easy to stay out of everyone else’s way: this is not only for your sake, but also for the sake of those walking close to you. Are we in front of the first great revolution in the umbrella industry since its inception?

This gadget is called the Air Umbrella, and it works by blowing a constant stream of air that prevents rain from touching them, effectively forming a forcefield the rain cannot penetrate. Sure, this does sound like sci-fi, and the first thing we imagine is an extremely loud and heavy gadget but the video in their Kickstarter page challenges these ideas.

So far the air umbrella claims to be good enough for two simultaneous users, although it’s still in its R&D phase. It has a controller that users can employ to adjust the size/power of the air emitted. Not bad at all, we say.

Via Ubergizmo

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