Radiooooo is the Perfect Musical Time Wasting Site

Every now and then someone comes along and puts a new twist on random musical streaming. Often it’s simply the same thing in different styling. But with Radioooo, there’s really something innovative about the way you can browse through time and space in search for some good tunes.

The idea? The map of the world is standing in front of you with tabs of all the decades since the beginning of the 20th century. If you want to dive into an era in any country in the world (that someone has uploaded music from), just click on the country and the time frame. You can also play around with the styling between weird, slow and fast.


So while I’m writing this I’m listening to some hard-to-describe alternative music from Brazil in the 1970’s, and I’ll probably jump to some Australian rock (hopefully) in the 1990’s.

The site is still in Beta, and it began as an Indiegogo project nearly a year ago. I’m pretty sure that you might be able to steer clear of Justin Bieber if you don’t click ‘Canada’ and ‘Now’ at the same time.

However, if you want people in the future to know just how dumb music could be during the 2010’s, it’s a good thing someone uploaded his music.