AirDog: a drone that follows you and takes your pictures

The AirDog team introduced their creation at CES 2015, and it turned out to be grand: a drone that follows users and takes their pictures, so they only have to worry about having a good time.

AirDog Drone 1

Our friends behind the lenses and cameras on trips have complained time and time again about something, and with reason: they haven’t really seen the places they visited, having to settle instead for whatever they see from behind their gadget’s screens. Airdog aims to provide a fun solution to this by taking the camera away from the user, and mounting it on a drone that simply follows them around and takes pictures for them instead.

By combining a drone with a resistant plastic body with a mounted Sony Action Cam Mini on top, the AirDog team created the perfect companion, capable of staying by your side on any terrain, no matter how hard or complicated, and operate your pictures for you.

AirDog Drone 2

What makes AirDog different from similar concepts is that it doesn-t need a heavy, big controller for the drone, but instead uses an “AirLeash”, which is a bracelet that serves as a control remote via BlueTooth technology. So no matter where you go, AirDog flies by your side and will keep up thanks to its four propellers and fantastic code. It’s fast enough to follow a skater autonomously, without having to control each move separately, and the degree of autonomy is the greatest thing it has going for itself.


AirDog is not without problems, though: being that it’s so fast and lightweight, it doesn’t really have a long battery life: apparently only 20 minutes at a time, at full power and speed, but those 20 minutes might be what you need to get under that wave, or get to the perfect angle of the mountain, or take the perfect selfie.

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