For real now: Nike promises the Back to the Future 2 shoes will come out this year

It is 2015 already, and the quest for the operational laceless sneakers from back to the future has turned into a literal race against time, one Nike doesn’t intend to lose.


A company like Nike requires innovation and keeping up with the times just like Samsung, Apple, Sony or any other giant. And, to stay on top, Nike’s innovation chief Tinker Hatfield has a project that we the media have been touting ever since the last 80s: the shoes from Back To The Future II, the self-lacing Air MAGS. And, while they don’t know exactly when they’re coming out, they claim the year has just started. They should know, though, November or December is already too late, as Marty is getting here on October 21st, 2015. Clock’s ticking!

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