Alice in Wonderland Restaurant

If you’re tired of going to the same old restaurants, next time you find yourself in Tokyo’s Ginza district, why not take a look at this “Alice In Wonderland”-themed restaurant and experience something curious and curiouser?

The restaurant, designed by Fantastic Design Works and operated by Diamond Dining, catapults you into the bizarre world of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book.

Go down the rabbit hole and you find yourself surrounded by some giant books. I think I remember carrying these around when I was in college. If my old textbooks weren’t actually taller than I am, they certainly felt like it.

Moving along, we see some tables surrounded by tall trees and grass. As much of a cat lover as I am, I think I might have trouble eating if I had to constantly look at the Cheshire Cat’s grin beaming down on me for the entire duration of the meal. (I also wonder if the food and drinks come with labels reading “Eat Me” and “Drink Me.”) Plus, that hookah-smoking caterpillar probably wouldn’t let me eat anyway, always bugging me to solve those annoying riddles.


You might be hungry for dessert after your meal, so why not drop in on the Mad Hatter’s for some tea to go with it? If it’s your unbirthday, perhaps the staff will come out and sing for you, too.


If you’re lucky, or perhaps unlucky, you might find yourself having an audience with the Queen of Hearts. If you haven’t been worn out by all the riddles, tea parties, cheshire cats, white rabbits, and shrinking and growing, you might get a verdict of “Off with your head!” I wonder what that would do to their reviews on Yelp.

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via: HomeDESGN / Diamond Dining