Magisto Edits Your Awful Home Movies in Minutes: 50 Alpha Invites Available

As any amateur film maker knows, editing is the bloodsport of Hollywoood. So when it comes to condensing home videos and trailer making, getting that quick snippet of summation down to a couple minutes can be an excruciatingly painful experience. Magisto, a new web-based video editing tool, is aiming to remedy that, and we have 50 Alpha invites for interested readers.

Currently Magisto is in closed Alpha, but if you know the right people, invites are continually being sent out to test this nifty software (read on…bottom) :). The process really takes no editing skills at all, so if Grandma’s up for some video uploading, title typing and soundtrack picking (Yes, Magisto has choices of background music), her Sunday Bingo session can be condensed in just a few minutes.

Magisto’s magic happens once your file is uploaded. It begins by analyzing the file, getting the gist of the video from some intense algorithms made specifically for image recognition and pixel analysis that manages to find the best parts of the video, like when Walter’s teeth fell out when he gets up to yell “Bennnnnoooo!” Grammy said he won a jumbo bottle of antacid tablets that evening.

As you can see, Magisto is a great way to condense videos, memories, etc. into a tight package with pretty decent results even adding some decent theatrical effects to it. Considering it all takes only a couple minutes of work, it’s pretty astounding. If you would like to learn more about Magisto’s internals, make sure to watch their in-depth presentation.

Magisto won the  Techonomy 3 competition with this application, and we can definitely see why. Now we’ll  just have to wait for computers to start narrating these video clips. “And Walter never had heartburn again.”For more on web tools, see Wibbitz and Genieo.

Magisto Alpha Invites:

Walyou received an invite link for 50 Walyou readers to try Magisto out in the Alpha stage. Simply visit the Walyou Magisto Invite Link (it will run out after 50).