Mean-Looking Alienware Area-51 Comes with Intel Octa-Core CPU, DDR4

Alienware’s gaming notebooks and desktop PCs may not be the best performing ones on the planet, but in terms of design, they really don’t have any competitors. The latest iteration of the Area 51 gaming desktop PC also packs some hardware innovations besides the otherworldly shape.

Area-51 must be every hardcore gamer’s dream. It’s devilishly good-looking, packs next-gen hardware components, and ensures a perfect environment for pwning n00bs. Intel unveiled yesterday the Haswell-E line of processors, and Alienware was among the gaming PC builders to showcase a model build around them. With that comes support for DDR4-2133Mhz memory, which while not the fastest, provides plenty of bandwidth for gaming and other power-hungry software applications.

Alienware’s latest gaming PC comes in several different configurations. One of the distinguishing aspects is the number of GPUs the system is equipped with. That ranges from one to four, but regardless of how many graphics cards are used, Area-51 will be able to display images at 4K UltraHD resolution.

As far as the included CPU is concerned, it can have either six or eight cores, depending on the budget of the buyer. All that processing power is used along up to 32GB of 2133 DDR4, which compared to DDR3 has 20% more bandwidth, and is 20% more power-efficient.

Frank Azor, the general manager of Alienware, explained how it took the company a long time to get here, and that the new Area-51 is the result of many years of hard work: “We’re excited to reveal the reimagined Alienware Area-51, a system that is the result of 18 years of innovation fueled by our love of gaming. We questioned everything and then began working on a system based on how we actually use our full-tower desktops rather than based on what was quick, easy or comfortable for us to design. The Area-51 features the all-new Triad chassis, designed from the ground up to deliver on exactly what gamers want, state-of-the-art performance, scalability and ease of use. ”

The new Alienware Area-51 is expected to be shipped in October in the U.S. and just in time for the holiday season around the globe. Depending on the preferred configuration, the price may differ significantly, but one thing is certain: such a beautiful chassis, packed with the latest hardware, definitely won’t come cheap.

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