Pokémon Go Update Allows Gamers to Play from Home

Pokémon Go

With more people self isolating themselves due to the coronavirus epidermic, Pokémon GO has changed certain settings to allow players to play from home. Niantic, the company behind the game, has temporarily changed settings in order to allow players to play from their own homes. These changes will be relayed across as priority updates so that people do not have to go out and risk their health. 

Pokémon Go update allows home-based game play

Watching Pokémon will be easy, safe, and entertaining as well. To help ward off the blues, Niantic is also offering a discount of 99% on incense packs. Instead of the usual 30 minutes, they will now last for an hour. Players can also hatch eggs quickly, in fact two times faster than they could before. There will also be more gifts by way of PokéStops and fans will just not be able to have enough of these. 

Which other games allow players to play from home?

Many other games also have followed suit, and are letting players compete with each other online. Battle League comes to mind and so do a few other games. It’s very important that these gaming companies have decided to allow players to play from home especially when this video games require them to be outside. It might seem counterintuitive that the video game player needs the developers permission to play from home. However it is necessary in a number of games such as Pokémon GO which is a mostly outdoors game. 

Can sharing controllers pass on corona virus infection?

Many people have expressed fears that they could contract coronavirus if they play games together in a confined room. To avoid such situations, those who are experiencing symptoms should isolate themselves and not play video games with others. It is also important to make sure that those who are experiencing symptoms do not let others touch their gaming accessories as that may infect others. 

Gamers should take care to maintain hygiene. If one needs to share gaming accessories, one should wash hands before touching the controllers. Players who live in the same house can also use gloves before touching the controller. This will keep the gaming accessories sanitized. When the next player wants to use it, cross-contamination will not affect them.