Nvidia’s GeForce Now Already Has One Million Streaming Gamers

GeForce Now

Nvidia just revealed that more than a million people stream games on GeForce Now directly from its central servers. The gaming giant launched the service just a couple of weeks ago to the regular public. The number may seem astonishingly high but one can part attribute it to GeForce Now’s free members. 

The free service tier reduces the quality of game-play, and sessions last only 60 minutes. Many people who have registered for the paid version have done so to take advantage of the 90-day introductory period. Beyond 3 months, they will have to pay $5 a month. That may not be palatable to a lot of people. 

Nvidia is doing quite well with its GeForce Now

These factors may result in a drastic drop in the numbers of actual people who stream via GeForce Now. However, it must be noted that Nvidia is doing really well when compared with its competitors. For instance, the Sony tool more than five years to gather a million subscribers. Google does not reveal the number of players using Stadia, but the response has been quite tepid. With these factors in mind, even if Nvidia loses subscribers once the free period is over, it should not be a cause for concern. It will still have performed well in comparison to its competitors. 

Gamers have long patronized Nvidia, and the popularity of GeForce Now is not a big surprise. The platform supports hundreds of critically acclaimed games. Some of the games on the list include Ubisoft’s uPlay, EA’s Origin, and Steam. Players can purchase these games as standalone titles or streamed remotely. Nvidia has also kept players on tenterhooks by revealing that there are close to 1,500 games in the queue for approval. 

What should Nvidia do to handle the stiff competition?

Nvidia will have to smarten up its game if it must successfully weather the stiff competition. Sony, Microsoft, and Google have all played their tricks quite well, and most of them are doing well in the market. Nvidia will have to be wary and not remain satisfied with the 1 million subscribers it is now boosting of. These numbers can dramatically drop unless the company finds a way to keep existing players tethered. It remains to be seen what approach this gaming giant will adopt in the coming months to remain ahead of its rivals.