Am I Going Down? app tells the likelihood of plane crashes

The last few months we’ve been seeing news about plane crashes all over, or planes just disappearing into thin air. Is something happening? Are these events just a coincidence?

Am I going down app 1

For those smartphone users that have to take a flight every so often, or for those who are just taking a trip somewhere, the latest news can be quite upsetting. This comes even understanding that planes are some of the safest ways of traveling, and that each accident represents a minimal percentage of the planes that each and every day go around the skies of our planet.

But, even if you rationally know that the odds of your plane crashing are next to zero, you might want some extra assurance that everything is going to be allright… and there is an app for that.

Am I going Down is the name of an app that will let users know the odds of any given flight crashing, calculating them by using public, historical data from the NTSAs data banks and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Users only need to fill up some very basic information: which airport the flight originates in, which one it goes to, airline, and model of the plane. With this data the app calculates the odds, and even more, it tells you how often you would have to take the very same flight to run into any risk of accident whatsoever. In most cases, it takes thousands of years.

Am I going down app 2

So feel free to take your plane after being reassured for this app, your personalized stats will most likely say you’re alright – furthermore, the app can even compare between flights so users can pick the safest one. What else could the scaredy cat in your life possibly want?

This curious app was created by Vanilla Pixel from London, and the app can be bought for 0.99€. If you are a frequent traveler, you might want to look into it.

Via Am I Going Down?

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