Rewalk exoskeleton allows paralyzed users to walk

Rewalk, the robotic exoskeleton means to get paralyzed people walking again – and believe it or not, it seems to be doing an incredible job of it.

Rewalk Exoskeleton 1

Paralyzed people have a hell of a situation to deal with – which is why we as a society spend so many resources trying to help them. Product of that is Rewalk, the exoskeleton that works as a mechanical set of legs and crutches. Unveiled last weekend at React, Rewalk helped Marcela Turnage, a victim of a spinal cord injury from Dallas to walk again after 12 years.

Rewalk works by powering movement of the hips and legs, allowing users to stand, walk and turn. It is powered by a single 28-volt lithium battery with enough juice for 8 hours, but the unit also carries a back up battery so users could technically use it for an entire day without any hiccups. With the help of the computers and motion sensors incorporated on Rewalk users can even climb stairs or walk on uneven terrain – as the tilt sensors detect the body shift in one direction, Rewalk takes a step. These units also come with a control unit on a brace, where users can change modes to stand, sit, walk or climb.

The FDA has approved this exoskeleton to be used to stand and walk, so we are not talking about some distant future but technology that is useful right now. Rewalk costs some $70,000, and needs to be approved by a professional physician who will determine whether the unit is useful or not for any given user. After that, users can take the unit back with them to use it at home or in public.

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