Amazon Prime Day 2017 – Everything You Need To Know

Many of you might’ve heard of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, both of which are two great days to buy new stuff, especially tech. Tons of products will be available on these days at prices that will make you cringe. But, how many of you know about Amazon Prime Day? When is it? What are the deals on offer?

This article is your one-stop guide to everything related to Amazon Prime Day and the best products on offer. FYI, Amazon Prime Day will start on the 10th of July. So, mark your calendars right now!

Amazon Prime Day 2017 July 10

According to statistics, the deals on offer at Amazon during Prime Day are comparatively better than Black Friday and Thanksgiving deals. This year, Amazon Prime Day will run for 30 hours starting at 9 PM ET on July 10th until 3 AM ET on July 12th. Amazon’s VP Greg Greeley said that they are aiming to offer deals to a record number of shoppers. But the deals are only available to Amazon Prime members. You can sign up for Prime using this link and it costs about $100 a year.

Deals that you can avail right now

Even though Prime Day is starting on July 10th, Amazon will be rolling out several lucrative deals in different categories starting from July 6th onwards. Amazon’s music streaming service is slowly gaining popularity. To fuel that, they are offering a four-month membership for just 99 cents. They are also offering up to 40% off on Kindle Unlimited membership. This will allow users access to more than a million books from a device of their choice.

Amazon Prime Day 2017

What’s new this year is that Amazon will be extending its Prime Day deals to few other countries like India, Mexico, and China. India is one of Amazon’s most promising markets and it is no surprise that they’ve decided to start the Prime Day here. Here is a summary of the deals on offer till July 11th.

  • Amazon Music Unlimited – Four months of service for just 99 cents.
  • Amazon Prime Video – Get $10 when you stream a video for the first time that is included in Prime.
  • Kindle Unlimited – Get up to 40% off on the Kindle Unlimited Membership.
  • Audible – Get up to 40% off on your first six months membership from Audible.
  • Everyday Essentials – Household items will be available at up to 35% off with coupons present on site.

Other expected deals based on previous years’ data

It has been only two years since Amazon’s first Prime Day, so there isn’t much data to go through. I’ll take into consideration the best deals of 2016 and 2015, and compile a comprehensive report of what is to be expected this year. Electronics like TVs, laptops, consoles, tablets, and smartphones (especially those from Apple) have always received great discounts and they sell off like hot cakes. There is a strong possibility for great deals on TVs like every year and I’ll be covering a separate post on the best TV deals on Amazon Prime Day 2017. With each year, Amazon has upped the ante with their Prime Day deals and let us hope for the best this year too.

iPhone 7 Deal Amazon Prime Day

Highlights of Amazon Prime Day 2016

TVs are an integral part of the Amazon Prime Day and they’ve promised more TVs than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. There were tons of deals on televisions ranging from the regular LED TVs to the high-end Ultra HD Curved LED TV from Samsung last year. For example, you could’ve got a 32-inch 720p LED TV for just $99.99. There was also a 40-inch 1080p LED TV for just $139.99. Lastly, a 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV was available for as low as $299.99.

Samsung UHD Curved LED TV Deal Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s very own Fire tablet, Kindle Paperwhite, Echo, and Fire TV had great discounts compared to Black Friday deals on the same products. Amazon Echo was down $50, Fire Tablet was available starting from $34.99, Amazon Fire TV was down by $30 and Kindle Paperwhite was down by $30.

XBox One Deal Amazon Prime Day

However, potential buyers should tread with caution as a lot of products are not named until the start of Prime Day. They might not be from well-known brands and it is always better to go for it only if you absolutely need it. There have been complaints that a lot of the products up for sale have poor reviews are just put up for liquidating the stock.

What to expect this year?

So with all that information, what can we expect this year? Definitely, the major highlight is going to be the products from Amazon themselves. They are putting up great deals for their Music, Kindle, and Pantry. These are just starters and I’m pretty sure they will have some mouth-watering deals on the latest gaming consoles, smartphones, and televisions. Their site already shows that you can save up to $80 on their Prime Exclusive smartphones from Nokia, Alcatel, Moto and BLU.

Amazon has put up stringent standards for sellers to take part in the Amazon Prime Day sales. Last year, the sellers had to make sure that the products were offered at the cheapest price since January 1st, 2016 and have to be down from their Amazon list price by at least 20%. This year, things might be a lot stricter. Several shoppers complained about losing out on deals, but that is completely natural considering the fast paced nature and enticing deals on offer. People might not get enough time to research about a product and make sure it is right for them, they simply go for it. Although this promises a lot of savings, it might not end up well. The hashtag #primedayfail was very popular last year and we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of miffed customers this year as well. To make sure that you don’t fall behind, it is best to bookmark the page so that you can access it easily on the day of the sale.

I’d like to end this article with a fact about the Amazon Prime Day. So, here it goes. Did you know that last year, Amazon had sales of around half a million dollars just from Prime Day? The year before that, it was just around $150,000. I’m pretty sure that they are aiming for something big this year within the 30-hour time frame.