30 Funniest Game of Thrones Memes to Prepare for the New Season

Samwell Clegane

You could keep counting the days to the return of Game of Thrones. You could do something better and more productive: Get yourself ready for the new season by going through the best Game of Thrones memes from the last year, which tend to take the show a little bit less seriously than it takes itself.

Ramsay Trump Reek Romney

Apparently, people seeing Mitt Romney dine with Donald Trump reminded them of the Theon/Reek relationship with Ramsay Bolton.

Hillary Bernie Game of Thrones

And sticking to Politics, it’s almost impossible to remember that not too long ago, Hillary Clinton was the great big hope for the Democrats. Kinda like Ned and Robb, before GRRM chopped them down.

An Idiot Sandwich

The underlying and weird tension between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow is probably only get more serious in season 7. Jon killed him anyway, so maybe the joke is on Sansa?

Khal Culator

Despite most of the time whining about being craven and fat, Sam has some pretty good jokes up his sleeve. Considering the size of his clothes, there are also a lot of jokes.

Uncles & Dads in Game of Thrones

Incest is popular and problematic in Westeros. Well, it’s incest in Tommen’s case. With Jon Snow, it has to do with being lied to all his life about the identity of his parents.

Dursleys Game of Thrones

While seeing the Dursleys argue isn’t quite the GOT-Harry Potter mashup plenty of fans would like to see, it’s better than nothing.

The Floo network is a great way to get around for wizards, but saying the wrong thing, as this gif shows, can have deadly repercussions.

Honorable Ned Stark

Contrary to popular belief, not every Stark is honorable. It’s just Ned that takes the H word way too far, and probably gets his head chopped off for it.

Jorah Mormont Pokemon Go

When Bob Seger wrote ‘Like a Rock’ he probably didn’t have Pokemon Go in mind, but maybe he was thinking about a friendzoned, shunned knight like Jorah Mormont.

Was that why Ramsay wanted to marry her? And what kind of question is that? Game of Thrones has some weird fans.

Jon Snow Focused

Partying with Ed Sheeran seems like an awesome thing to do, if you like getting your ears nibbled. With Jon Snow? Not so much.

Ned Lives Forever

I guess this bloke’s dad hasn’t seen a lot of movies with Sean Bean, because if he had, he would’ve known Ned Stark was on a one-way ticket out of the show.

Hodor Success

Hodor has had more important jobs than just holding the door, but seeing as it was his most important one, it’s not surprising he’s quite proud of himself.

Being Brienne

It sucks being Brienne, although if the prophecy is true, Cersei won’t be so f***ing smug for much longer. Those cold hands of the Valonqar are coming for her evil little neck.

Jon Snow Sex Joke

In my opinion, this is the best joke ever told about Game of Thrones, and perhaps about all recent TV shows that have turned into memes.

Night King Waiting

In the books and in the TV show, the White Walkers don’t seem to be in any kind of rush to take over the 7 Kingdoms.

Sansa's Drawing

Sansa knows how to knit, but apparently, Septa Mordane never taught her how to draw properly. Shame.

Tiny Jon Snow

Every time I look at this picture, Kit Harington looks smaller. Or maybe it’s the girls getting bigger? Who knows.

Melania Burning a Candle

Lighting a candle didn’t do a lot of good for Sansa Stark. It probably won’t do Melania Trump a world of good either.

Wine & Tears

Wine, tears, nothing seems to be enough for Martin, who is STILL writing the 6th book, much to the agony of his many book-reading fans.

Drake Littlefinger

It makes sense that Drake, I mean Littlefinger would prefer Sansa (although it is quite creepy considering her show-age) to the ever creepier Lysa.

Lena Headey Golden Globes

It’s a frightening thing thinking about a ball of wildfire making it’s way up the Los Angeles sewers. Good thing it doesn’t exist. Or does it? 

The Trump King

It actually looks like they used the same baby for both pictures. He/she doesn’t look happy in both of them too.

Stupid Question

Unless you’ve been to a few more Youtube comment threads, you might think that this is the stupidest question ever asked.

Real Live Crow

Reminds me of fookin’ Karl Tanner from Gin Alley in Flea Bottom, King’s Landing. He’s seen things, and he isn’t planning on going back.

If 2016 was a person

Olly seemed like a nice bloke at first. But then he killed Ygritte, and then he went ahead and stabbed Jon Snow. What a little s***.

Sisters of Fire

For both of them, Brunette or darker hair in general works well. And I doubt we’ll see them being this chummy on the show, ever.

Pokemon Go Westeros

That’s why it takes the Hound and Arya so bloody long to go through the Riverlands and find whatever it is they’re looking for.

Westeros Politics

It’s much simpler, and less depressing, getting involved in Westerosi politics. By the way, crowning someone King in the North might be a bid of a bad luck bringer.

King Joffrey & High Sparrow

I’m not sure who Melania is supposed to be in this sorta allegory. And the person more likely to burn everything down is the grown up Joffrey.