Helping Amputees Cope With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality does great things for us, and that goes way beyond video games and curious, little things, but actually help people cope with their pain. See an example right below these lines.

Augmented reality limbs

A group of researchers in Gothenburg, Sweden have been working on an augmented reality project to help amputees deal with the phantom limb syndrome, that is, the pain felt after a limb has been lost or amputated. The project involves simulating the missing body part in virtual reality to help patients alleviate the pain.

The man in front of this project is a PhD candidate, Max Ortiz-Catalan, and a group researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The results concluded that after some ten weeks of work with the game/system, patients reported feeling no pain whatsoever for many hours.

Source: Geekosystem

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