Cartoon Network App Comes to Android

We’ve all been there. Sitting on the bus, or in a waiting room or just wanting to kill some time in line. Thanks to Cartoon Network’s new app, if you’re an Android user you can kill that time watching some great shows.

Cartoon Network has long been one of the best entertainment networks on television thanks in large part to their mix of cartoon reruns as well as all original shows that can’t be found anywhere else. Some of these shows, (I’m not ashamed to admit) are enjoyable for kids and adults alike and for the first time you can stream them on your Android phone wherever you may be.

Cartoon Network has had an app out for the iPhone for quite a while now, but for whatever reason there has been quite a lag from getting these wonderful shows into the hands of Galaxy Tab or LG Optimus users. Having said that, a word of warning that the shows are not the sharpest if you are actually watching on an Android tablet. It appears that for whatever reason the episodes are in far better quality on a Smartphone, something that needs to be fixed in their next update.

The app is completely free, making it well worth the money and offers both full episodes of select shows as well as clips from others. In total almost every single show on Cartoon Network is represented currently in the app. Notice I said that almost every single show. One huge drawback is that there does not appear to be much, if any content from the Network’s “Adult Swim” lineup other than a few clips here and there from MadTV. Considering that the vast amount of users of Smartphone and tablets are adults. Sure we can all sit back and watch “Batman” for a little fun, but there is a reason “Adult Swim” is as popular as it is.

At the moment the app offers content from “Adventure Time”, “Bakugan”, “Batman the Brave and the Bold”, “Ben 10”, “Destroy, Build, Destroy”, “Generator Rex”, “Scooby Doo”, “The Regular Show”, “Mad”, “Pokemon”, “Johnny Test” and many more. The app also brings users a sneak peak of the upcoming brand new “Thunder Cats” series.

Via: Android Central