XDA Developer Creates Smart CallerID for Android

The Android dialer has never been a strong point of the operating system’s design. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Google’s signature OS leaves plenty of room for developers to customize and create, and that’s exactly what XDA member -=(Kad)=- has done. Kad, a member of Starksoft (a dev team), designed a free alternative to your Android device’s default dialer called Smart CallerID.

The app allows you to use a high resolution image to add a touch of personal style to your dialer. It also features notifications after the end of an outgoing call with the contact information and call duration. Other features include the notification of the loss/finding your cell network, as well as the inclusion of flight mode and full screen caller ID.

Of course, Smart CallerID intercepts outgoing calls, protecting you from accidental dialing (with the possible exception or complete shutdown of the function).

While this app is promising and already offers a plethora of solid features, it still needs some fine-tuning. For example, until it gets Facebook integration or something similar, you’ll have to download individual pictures of all your contacts to your device and manually assign everybody within the app. The cropping of pictures is also reportedly glitchy at the moment.

The developer has tested it exclusively on the HTC HD2, but the app “should work” on other similar devices running Android 2.1 or greater. The app is currently only available in Russian, but it’s a dialer, so a bit of translation might be worth the upgrade.

You can download Starksoft Smart CallerID straight from your device here. You can also download it in the Android Market for free. Learn more at Starksoft’s official website.

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Via: XDA Developers