Tumblr for Android 2.0 Up for Grabs

If you use Tumblr often and like to discover new blogs on your cellphone, you don’t have to fret anymore. The official Tumblr blog has just announced that Tumblr Android 2.0 is now available on the Android Market and comes with many great features.

The most striking feature is of course the new interface which is built upon Android’s hardware and software. The new update would also make it possible for you to manage multiple blogs right from your Android Smartphone. In fact, you can just swipe and access all your drafts, and blogs and choose when ton post them. Creating new posts too has become much easier thanks to Tumblr Android 2.0. You can now easily share chats, quotes, videos, images, links and text to your followers whenever and wherever you want.

The new app also makes checking messages easier, and many users had complained earlier that the interface to check messages was not all that great. The new update makes it possible to share anything that you want right from your home screen, thanks to your Tumblr Widget. All that you would need to do right now is go ahead and grab it at the Android Market. This makes me think about how Posterous vs Tumblr battle has been going on for quite a while and most of us still have not reached a consensus.

If you have used either of the blogging tools on your Android phone, which do you think is easier to, and why? Do share it with us in the comments section below! You can also check out the Most Important Chrome Apps if you are a blogger. It lists down all that you need if you are a heavy blogger. Meanwhile, if you have an Android phone, you could go ahead and start sharing pictures, texts and whatever else that might come to your mind on Tumblr, and make sure you keep your followers hooked!