Now You Can Make Android Playlists Look Like Windows Phone 7

While there are a lot of things that set the Android phones apart from other Smartphones, there are also some functions and features that leave something to be desired.

The Windows Phone 7 has a really sharp and nice looking interface for its music player app and quite frankly Android’s music player’s interface leaves a little to be desired when it comes to the look. Thankfully there is now a new app coming to the Android store would change the way the Android music player looks to the point that it is almost an exact replica of the player on the Windows Phone 7. Federico Carnales is the developer of this particular program and he has already established himself as someone who has the ability to make phones that are not Windows 7, look and feel like Windows Phone 7 just in case you simply like the way it looks better but still prefer your Android phone’s functions better.

The scrolling through your playlist using and other music programs look exactly as they would using a Windows Phone 7, though unfortunately the program (which has yet to actually get a name) does not allow you to sync with the Zune using an Android device, which is something some were hoping would be included in this particular program.

So once you have settled down with your new look music player, you need to make sure and get yourself a great set of wireless headphones like the Sony Ericsson MW600 Wireless Headset that actually operates using Bluetooth rather than a cord you have to plug into a device, this helps users avoid getting all tangled up and having to wrap it up when you are done. Of course the question you are probably asking yourself while you read this is whether or not this particular program will work with something like Google’s Music Beta which is set to give iTunes a run for its money. Unfortunately the answer to that question isn’t quite information we have for you at the moment, but it appears that this particular program should suit any sort of music player that might be present on your Android device.