Fujitsu Lifebook T901 Now Available

Fujitsu is one of the best electronic and computer producers in the world because they manage to think outside the box.

Whether you are talking about a mini-computer that actually uses two screens in order to give it the look and feed of one larger screen on a smaller device or a robot bear that is actually able to communicate with its owners; there is no doubt the company isn’t just another electronics maker. This kind of different approach to even the more basic electronics like a simply laptop computer makes Fujitsu stand out. The company has managed to stand out yet again with the release of the Fujitsu Lifebook T901.

Finally released latelast week, the Lifebook T901 offers several new features that ordinary laptop users may miss out on. Of course the number one feature of the new Lifebook T901 is that the screen swivels and can be used as a touch screen. The keyboard is like that of any normal laptop keyboard so you can also swivel the screen back to its normal setting and use it just like any other laptop, but the tablet function can of course come in handy. Other nifty bells and whistles include a Windows 7 operating system, as well as a bay for a second battery which of course means double the amount of time you can use the Lifebook T901 away from its charger.

The Lifebook also includes a smart card slot and beefed up security which allows people to use their fingerprint as the actual password. This means that if your computer is stolen, figuring out your password won’t be a simply obstacle the thieves need to overcome. With all the different features being offered, Fujitsu apparently also feels as though it can charge a pretty penny for its newest computer. The Fujitsu Lifebook T901 can be had for either $1,899 or $1,999 depending on just exactly how you want to load up the computer. At the moment you can only get these new computers from Fujitsu’s website, but expect them to be made available on shelves such as Best Buy’s later this summer.