Natalie Project Brings Anti-Kidnap Bracelets

With rising crime and abduction rates across the world, most people are worried about their personal safety. Thankfully, the Natalia Project bracelets will tweet if you are taken hostage or kidnapped.

anti kidnap bracelet 1

Twitter, which has come to the rescue of a number of people in danger, can immediately attract attention from a variety of sources when someone is in danger. The tweets that are sent when someone is taken hostage can help rescuers to alert the authorities and help save lives. The Natalia Project bracelets will be given to aid workers who work in high risk areas. What’s more, it can even post those alerts on Facebook, as many people who use Facebook may not be using Twitter.

anti kidnap bracelet 2


The bracelet comes with satellite navigation technology and within seconds it can alert people on social media. The idea is to save lives of those who work in war zones, as they are very prone to being kidnapped and held hostage. When an aid worker comes under threat, he or she can manually pull the trigger. If the bracelet is removed forcefully, it lets off an alert even then. Thanks to the Civil Rights Defenders campaign group, these bracelets will be manufactured and distributed to aid workers in high risk areas.

The wearer’s GPS location is tweeted too, so that rescuers can locate where the attack took place, quickening the rescue operations. Natalia Project is named after Russian human rights campaigner Natalia Estemirova. She was murdered in the North Caucasus in 2009. In the beginning it will be distributed to 5 aid workers in Sweden and later to many others.

What the project really requires is funding. In order to manufacture these bracelets and help save lives of those aid workers, more people need to donate money to the Civil Rights Defenders. At least 55 aid workers will be equipped with these bracelets in the next 18 months. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Anti-rape Lingerie, which delivers stunning electric shocks to rapists.