Kids in Costume Turned Into Animated Superheroes

Some girls want to be Superheroes, not Super heroines. Being Batman, at least a make believe Batman, shouldn’t just be a man thing. The same goes for Thor, Hulk and the Green Lantern.

Because even if there is a She-Hulk or girls working for the Green Lantern corps, it seems to be a little bit cooler if you get to be the original character and not the female one used to satisfy those looking for some political correctness in the world.

Artist Alex Law started this project to chronicle the amazing costume kids create to give homage to their favorite superheroes.

Batman-Girl and the Improvised Bat-Cave

Batman & the Batcave

Green Lantern & Her Dog

Green Lantern Kid

Hulk and the Ballet Rehearsal

Hulk Ballet

Power Girl & Huntress – From Cute to Weird

Power Girl & Huntress

Ravager and her Dad, Deathstroke

Ravager and her dad deathstroke

Thor – The Teenage Goddess of Thunder

Thor Costume

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