Apple Intends To Ban Samsung Devices Infringing Patents

Apple intends to ban the sale of certain devices in the market after a court found some of their patents were infringed last may.


A trial conducted early this month in California concluded that Samsung was indeed infringing on three of Apple’s patents, while Apple themselves infringed on one of Samsung’s. This mixed verdict made apple jump the gun and ask for all Samsung devices in violation of these patents (those using “quick links,” “slide to unlock,” and/or “automatic word correction”) be banned from being sold. Specifically, we’re talking of the Galaxy Nexus, the Admire, most of the Galaxy family (both tablets and phones), and Stratosphere phones.

Although Samsung was infringing more patents than Apple was, the jury made them pay Apple $119.6 million, while It awarded Samsung $158,400 for Apple’s violation instead. Apple originally asked for $2.2 billion USD, instead.

Source: CNET

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