Butterfleye: The Greatest Home Camera Solution Around

Some people just need to know what’s going on in their place while they’re not there, and for that crowd, here’s the most elegant solution in the market.

Butterfleye 1

Introducing Butterfleye, the most efficient solution when in need of surveillance devices for your own home. We’re speaking of a a small device meant to monitor the things you value the most, with smart activity-sensing devices, being perfect to detect any kind of intrusion, or even cuter stuff such as your pet’s latest trick or a baby’s first few steps.

The camera can sense smart clues such as audio, motion, and thermal sensors and start recording as soon as one of those triggers show up, saving both space and time. The video would come out in a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, ready to share on social media such as Facebook or Instagram instantly. Furthermore, it also has a speaker over which you can talk, so even if your dog is misbehaving, you can stop it with a single shout command.

Butterfleye 2

Learn more about it in the video below these lines:

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