Apple Already Working on Chip for iPhone 6 and iPad 5

Apple are always ahead of the curve and now, even though their predecessors aren’t out the door, Apple are working on iPhone 6 and iPad 5 technology.

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The only way to be successful in business is to innovate, innovate and bring out a million versions of a high quality product in order to flood the market with premium choices that only you can deliver. That’s Apple’s motto and they seem to be in no position to alter it.

There are more devices, gadgets and gizmos with Apple’s trademark letter ‘i’ before their name than ever and on the 8th of March (just a week ago), walyou ourselves brought you the news that Apple are working on the iPhone 5S, and in fact, they’re preparing it for release this year. So it may be somewhat of a surprise then to find out that today, it’s been revealed that Apple are so far ahead of the game, that they’re already gearing up for the iPhone 6 and the iPad 5.

While our previous reporting cited that the iPhone 5S could be released this summer, this news is suggesting that Apple are bringing better, more developed tech to their ‘i’ devices. Tech blogs CNET and Digitimes are reporting that sources close to a particular manufacturer that Apple are working with, are in the final processes of making a new processing chip.

Called the ‘A7’ chip, Digitimes say that Taiwanese manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, is currently ‘taping out’ the chip, which is one of the final processes a chip goes through before it can be tested, and eventually, manufactured. While it’s unclear as to what the A7 will be capable of, the A6 chip was recently announced by Apple to a lot of fanfare, suggesting that the A7 chip is a huge technological leap.

CNET say that their sources have told them that Apple are already designing products for the chip, which is set to be ready in 2014, and with this timeline and information, it’s more than likely that the iPhone 6 and iPad 5 will launch that year too.

Source(s) : cnet, Digitimes

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