Plush Arcade Cabinet with Sounds from ThinkGeek

Arcade lovers now have something to hug at night that might be cutest piece of arcade hardware I’ve ever seen.

Arcadeans Plush Arcade with sound by ThinkGeek image 1

Arcade classics like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Missile Command sure are charming, but I’ve never in my life had the urge to hug one. How about you? Well folks, that might change with a cuddly anthropomorphic arcade cabinet from everybody’s favorite geek shop

Say hello to Tomo, who’s apart of a team of supermachines called the Arcadeans and is adorably built to defend mankind from…uh, quarter-stealing aliens I guess? No matter, what you should really care should about Tomo is that he’s super cute and quite soft, right down to his joystick and big red button.

Arcadeans Plush Arcade with sound by ThinkGeek image 2

And being cute and soft, Tomo easily makes the best buddy for any young gamer (ages 3 and up). Added bonus: he even makes a bunch of cool arcade sounds when given a gentle squeeze – something that totally could get tiring real quick in the hands of children, but thankfully you can remove the sound box if the need should arrive.

Right now you can bring home Tomo from ThinkGeek for $12.99 USD. Pretty nifty price, and if he sells well enough they might eventually make other Arcadeans plushes. Awesome! As if I needed more opportunities to waste my money on throwaway stuff! Good thing it cost nothing to see the world’s smallest cellphone, large-sized BBQ trucks, and a whole lot more here on Walyou.