Apple’s Newest Innovation: The iBoy

Has Steve Jobs finally created the perfect son? The iBoy just may be. That is, until iBoy 2 comes along …

Apple is constantly innovating the technological world with the latest “it” gadgets that everybody must have. They’ve brought us the iPod, iPhone, the iPad and now grace us with their newest concept: the iBoy. The parody series, “Wonderful World” (Eretz Nehaderet), has conceptualized the fresh take on the perfect kid. His body is human, but  his head is that of an iPad and he can play games, sing, record video and more … all to the detriment of the parents’ first son, Nimrod.

The hysteria surrounding Apple’s devices also hits the parody family as any other Apple Fanboys when the iBoy 2 comes out and the first version gets discarded along with their biological child.

The video below is with subtitles in English, as the TV show is from overseas.

So, parents and those hopeful around the globe, do not despair! Raising a child can be as easy as using an iPad … just don’t forget to get the extended Apple warranty.

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