Apple iWatch to Launch in 2013?

Reports say that the iWatch could be the next Apple product to join their range of iPods, iPhones and iPads.

iWatch Concept image 1

For a purely music based experience, you might use your iPod, to call and SMS message your friends and family you might use your iPhone, for working on the go, you might use your iPad. Apple have already amassed an impressive monopoly on all of the technology related things in our lives and reports say that the tech giant is preparing to take over another sector – looking at the time.

It’s as simple as looking at a sundial, or even, more likely, looking at the time listed at the top of the Apple branded gadget you already own, but, if reports are correct, the iWatch will feature music, notes, a calculator and even the ability make phonecalls.

According to an article by business magazine Bloomberg, a source tells them that Apple currently have a 100 strong team working on the device, rumoured to be called the ‘iWatch’, which is said to include Apple’s senior director of engineering, James Foster, and Achim Pantfoerder who is also a manager at Apple.

It’s no wonder that Apple are putting so many of their best executives on the project as another Bloomberg article (including information they got from the same source as previous) claims that the iWatch, should Apple be working on it, not only has potential to be a big earner for Apple (overtaking how much money they make each year from the TV sector), but that the iWatch could also launch before the year is out.

While the market potential and the release date are all but confirmed by Apple, some features of the iWatch can be left down to speculation. One thing in particular that plenty of people will be talking about is how the device will communicate with other Apple products, specifically the iPhone. Could there be a seamless transferring of information or even apps? The iPhone has inbuilt Bluetooth and, as the concept picture below shows, it would be easily enough to connect the two.

iWatch Concept image 2

The image at the top of this post is what the Apple iWatch is most likely to look like as Apple won’t want to deviate from the ‘typical’ watch style, as not to alienate the market, but, as you can see in another concept image below, should Apple want to offer another style of iWatch, then the design would likely be similar to that below.

iWatch Concept image 3

Regardless of what the iWatch looks like, there’s little doubt that it will become the next super-selling Apple product.

Source(s) : techcrunch, Bloomberg, Bloomberg

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