10 Awesome Video Game Controller Cufflinks

You grow up, but you don’t outgrow video game, or even the consoles you played as a kid. Wearing cufflinks honoring the controllers of the Nintendo, SNES, Mega Drive, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation is all too natural.

Each of the sets are hand crafted from high quality silver finished off with a crystal clear glass dome making them look extra sharp.

Nintendo Cufflinks

Nintendo Cufflinks

PlayStation Cufflinks

Playstation Cufflinks

Yes, they look like they might actually make something work. Trust us, they don’t. But they sure look cool, especially as a contrast to that business suit you might be wearing with them.

Super Nintendo Cufflinks

SNES Cufflinks

Xbox 360 Cufflinks

Xbox 360 Cufflinks

Sega Megadrive Cufflinks

Sega Megadrive

To get these, just take a look at this etsy page, and upgrade your coolness factor just by pressing ‘add to cart.’ For other awesome cufflinks that cater the more geeky taste, take a look at these 16 geeky cufflinks.