Apple Launches the New iOS 13.2.2 Update

the New iOS 13.2.2 Update is here

Apple had been in the news recently because of its zealous attitude towards killing background apps. This had affected most users who had upgraded to iOS 13.2. The new iOS 13.2.2 update fixes this issue and ensures that background applications are not killed off quickly. This will help all those multi-taskers out there who had been grumbling in the last few weeks because of Apple’s decision to close background apps quickly.

iOS 13.2.2 Update: Is Apple releasing them too frequently?

Apple has also been in news for releasing these updates frequently, begging us to question if this strategy is right. Apple’s iOS has garnered a lot of trust and credibility among even the most skeptical of security professionals. This is probably why Apple has been so eager to release frequent updates. However, this may not bode well with investors or customers.

For one, investors may feel Apple is somehow not very confident of its game, and is trying to play catch up with other etch companies. On the other hand, consumers may feel something is not very stable with Apple’s products if the updates become too frequent.

iOS 13 has been stormy and difficult for Apple

Of course, iOS 13 rollout has not been very smooth and even Apple acknowledges it. However, it is also not true that the updates indicate some inherent problems with the Cupertino giant. A reasonable inference would be to assume that Apple has in fact been working hard to keep its users safe. The company seems to have taken a lot of effort to weed out even the tiniest of problems on iOS 13.

Instead of making consumers and investors skeptical, this new behavior of Apple should be perceived as reassuring. After all, we all want companies to fix the errors that they make and ensure the safety of consumers. Yet, some investors may not share this sentiment and may begin to question their decisions with regard to their financial portfolio.

Consumers, on the other hand, may also ignore these critical updates if they keep arriving too frequently. A practical solution for customers is to enable automatic installations of updates so that they are always on track with the latest updates that Apple may continue to launch.

There are a few things customers and investors should keep in mind

  • Regular updates are a sign that a company’s engineers are working overtime
  • It is also a sign that the company takes security vulnerabilities seriously
  • Frequent updates may be annoying but they are required to keep you safe and enjoy your device
  • Frequent updates are not a sign of a company’s internal chaos
  • Investors need not worry about frequent updates, and instead feel good about it, as Apple will probably outlast its competitors thanks to its overzealous updates.

What is the future for Apple’s iOS 13 now?

On the 29th of October, Apple had launched the iOS 13.2. People had already started to grumble that the updates were coming too frequently. The annoyance was a result of iOS 13.1.1, which was released to address a critical security issue. Ever since iOS 13 was released on the 19th of September, Apple has not seen a peaceful day (or night).

Yet, iOS 13 may help Apple to establish itself as the only serious tech company at the moment. Others release updates erratically and many have serious security flaws. We all know how questionable Android’s security standards are. Consequently, Apple’s frequent updates are not a problem. Instead, it will help it to fight its competitors such as Google with the most effective weapon a company might have: tact.

Meanwhile, if you have an iPhone or iPad, go ahead and install the latest update for your own good.