Apple May Launch a Low-Cost iPhone in March

a silver iphone by apple

Apple is likely to launch a low-cost iPhone model in March, while production will begin in February. The new phone will likely be modeled on the iPhone 8 and will come with the same 4.7-inch frame. It will also feature Touch ID on the home button. However, it will sport A13 Bionic chip, which is what is used in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max.

The phone will not be priced at more than $399, which makes it very affordable and very unlike-Apple. However, one needs to remember that this phone will probably be branded as the successor of iPhone SE. Apple is probably targeting a very different crowd this time. It usually implements premium pricing in order to generate a higher rate of revenue.

Apple’s low-cost iPhone reveals the company’s strategy

This foray into the affordable smartphone market raises many questions about Apple’s insecurities. Apple’s devices have already become quite common in much of the Western world and are slowly being replaced by pricier models from Asia, usually manufactured by Huawei and OnePlus. In fact, Apple’s old rival Samsung has begun to feel the pinch itself. What is quite clear is, just adding features and advanced chips are unlikely to help phone manufacturers.

What might help is a rebranding, and that is exactly what Apple is doing, Instead of limiting itself to a premium market, it has decided to enter the mid-range segment as well. In all likelihood, the low-cost phone will end most other mid-range phones in the market. As Apple’s ecosystem is quite addictive and protective, most of the users who purchase the lo-cost iPhone will upgrade to a different model in the coming years.

Apple is playing very smart this time

At the moment, Apple has neither confirmed or denied these reports. However, many insiders have long pointed at a new phone being announced in March. It looks like this is the phone that everyone has been waiting for. In short, Apple needs to crack into a tough market where mid-range phones dominate. This low-cost phone will give Apple an opportunity to do so, and thus get more people to be locked into its ecosystem.