Apple May Unveil the New iPad Pro 2 on March 31st

iPad Pro 2

Apple may launch two new products on the 31 of March: the iPhone SE 2 and the iPad Pro 2. We already know a lot about the iPhone SE 2. However, not much is known about the iPad Pro 2. Unlike the iPhone SE 2, which is a budget device, the iPad Pro 2 may cost $799. It is definitely targeted at the premium market. The iPad Pro is expected to come with a faster processor and three cameras in the back of the device. Of course, taking pictures on an iPad isn’t going to be easy ergonomically speaking. 

What are the features of the new iPad Pro 2?

Unfortunately at the moment, all one knows is that an iPad Pro 2 might be unveiled along with the new iPhone SE 2. There is absolutely no information on features pertaining to this device. Thus, it would be presumptuous to make assumptions about the new iPad Pro. What one can imagine is that the iPad Pro will address the growing need for premium tablets among professionals.

The new iPad Pro 2 resembles the first iPad in its journey

Apple has been working towards developing a market that supports its own growth initiatives. As part of its strategy, Apple released the iPad more than a decade ago and created a market out of nothing. Most people had scoffed at the idea of a device that hung somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. However, Apple proved that it was possible to launch a completely new device even if it mimics existing devices. Today, the iPad is one of the most successful devices ever launched. It continues to grow in both popularity and usage. 

Premium marketing and elimination of leaks

With these factors in mind, one can assume that the Apple event on the 31st of March will hold a lot of promise. As it is going to launch a budget smartphone it only makes sense for the company to launch a high-end device alongside. Without premium marketing, Apple might find it very hard to compete with its rivals. 

Apple seems to know this very well. This is probably the reason why the new iPad Pro 2 is not only going to be expensive but also quite elusive. The Cupertino giant needs to prove to its investors that it still has its mojo in place. Making sure that there are no leaks regarding this particular product might be part of the strategy as well.