Microsoft’s New Office App for iOS and Android Devices Is Here

New Office App

Microsoft has launched its new Office app for iOS and Android. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all combined in a single application so that users can access them easily. On the new unified Office app, users can easily switch between applications and documents. In addition, they will not have to open different applications while working on the same or single project. Those who use DropBox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage services can integrate them with the new Office app easily. 

The new office app comes with a number of features that are unique and useful:

  • Users can easily dictate text into the application, rendering typing quite unnecessary
  • The voice command bar helps users to add correct punctuation so that commas and exclamation marks are in place
  • Excel comes with a new “Cards” view, that makes it easier to get a snapshot of information
  • Outlines can be easily converted into PowerPoint presentations, saving time and effort
  • Users can simply write down points and bullets and office will convert it into presentation slides
  • An easy to use interface and a well thought out design makes sure that users can comfortably use the app

The new Office app is ready to download

Some of these features may not be available right away but Microsoft plans to introduce them at a later stage. Office app can now be downloaded on Android and iOS devices and most users have already written reviews about it. Microsoft needs this application to be successful with the proliferation of a number of word processing applications. Traditional software companies such as Microsoft are unable to keep pace with newer and better-designed applications. 

Microsoft seems to have learned a few lessons from Apple

It is interesting to note that Apple’s Pages also has suffered the same fate. In fact, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers have all been dismissed by users as clunky. Funnily, people have often complained that iCloud syncing does not take place correctly. In short, using these applications on iOS devices is not easy either. 

Microsoft seems to have learned a lesson or two from its arch-rival and does has released the office application today. Users can continue to use all the three applications separately if they have already downloaded them. However, those who wish to use them as a unified application can do so as well.