Apple’s Thunderbolt Lineup May Be Around The Corner

OS X Lion is just around the corner and huge rumors about a revamped Mac line won’t quiet down. New Thunderbolt equipped Macs may be arriving next week alongside the new OS.

Lion And New Macs Coming Next Week?

While Apple hasn’t given an official release date for Lion, rumors have said next week looks like a good launch date for the new version of OS X. However, OS X might not be the only new product updated next week. The rest of the Mac line that is not Thunderbolt equipped is expected to receive the new high speed port.

New Mac Hardware

The MacBook Air is due for a refresh and is expected to receive a Thunderbolt port in place of a MiniDisplay connector but could also see double the RAM (4 GB from 2 GB) and twice the SSD space. Sandybridge processors are also expected in the ultraportable Mac.

The Mac Pro is expected to have a dramatic overhaul that would position it as a workstation and fulfill the needs of those who need a server. The Pro’s case looks like it will be a fusion of the workstation form factor but be compatible with a server rack and could function independent of a rack based environment.

There aren’t many details about the new Mac Mini but an upgraded processor and Thunderbolt port is likely.

The Apple Cinema Display is also expected to see a refresh alongside the newest Macs. Leaked images obtained by MacRumors show a pair of Apple Cinema Displays daisy chained to a MacBook Pro which would only be possible over a Thunderbolt connection.