Apple TV to Ink Content Deal With Time Warner (and Comcast)?

While rumors of an Apple television set still swirl, Apple TV continues to grow, and rumor has it Apple is about to release a new model this April.


Streaming services are starting to look even more appealing to cord-cutters as services such as Netflix have been producing award winning content that completes with the likes of Hollywood or HBO for the first time.  As a result, streaming devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku are even more integral to a post cord household.

Recent rumors suggest that the newest Apple TV could be going a similar direction the the Xbox One, though, with a possible deal with Time Warner in the works.  Having access to both premium internet and cable content could be a big selling point over other streaming services.  The added benefit may be necessary as the $99 price tag is hard to justify when something like the Google Chromecast is only $35.

The recent announcement of a possible acquisition of Time Warner by Comcast may change Apple’s plans for the device, but the Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple wants to make the 5 newest episodes of all TV shows available, also making them a direct competitor of services such as Hulu.

Whether or not this acquisition will actually be allowed is a big question, as the deal could be blocked by the US Department of Justice, or in court by competing companies (much in the same way that Sprint worked to block the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T a few years ago), but it’s doubtful the outcome will drastically affect any potential deal in the works with Apple.

With Internet content and broadcast/cable television content at odds, this device could be one to actually change the way we watch our video content, much in the same way that iTunes changed the way we purchase and listen to music.

the existence of such a device like won’t necessarily make the internet streaming industry and the cable/broadcast industry actually play nice, but so long as all the content is easily available to stream to our televisions, I’m not sure anyone really cares.

Source: EngadgetBGR, WSJ

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