12 Disney Themed Cocktails For Geeks Who Like Their Alcohol

Your favorite Disney characters are no longer something that accompanies you through childhood, but adulthood too: enjoy these 12 Disney themed cocktails.

Disney Cocktails Ariel

These are all the work of Cody, who really knows how to mix a drink. He came up with these cocktails themed after several Disney characters, and we think they’re absolute works of art.

Disney Cocktails Belle

Disney Cocktails Cinderella

Disney Cocktails Evil Stepmother

And while all of this might look good just to stare at them, the best part is that Cody also set up tutorials at his Facebook page explaining how to prepare each one of these.

Disney Cocktails Gaston

Disney Cocktails Hercules

Disney Cocktails Jasmine

Disney Cocktails Maleficent

Disney Cocktails Mulan

See anything you particularly like? Let us know in the comments section, right below this story.

Disney Cocktails Sleeping Beauty

Disney Cocktails Snowwhite

Disney Cocktails Visier

Source: Nerdgasmo

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