New Technique Uses Rooted Android Phone to Jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreak iOS

Jailbreaking iPhone is usually fraught with complications and possible bricking of the said device. A new exploit called “Checkra1n” shows that it is now possible to use a rooted Android phone to jailbreak iPhone. All that one needs to do is to plug the rooted Android phone into an iPhone and run some basic terminal commands. This will allow iPhone users to escape the walled garden that iOS is currently. 

What is the Checkra1n exploit?

  • Checkra1n is compatible with iOS 13 and can be used to jailbreak even the latest iOS devices
  • Checkra1n can be used to jailbreak iPhone 5 and above, until iPhone X. They should just be running iOS 12.3 or above. 
  • The jailbreak is temporary and will get wired when a user reboots their device
  • This actually works in favor of users, as they can switch from iOS to jailbroken version almost like a toggle switch
  • The jailbreak takes place when Checkra1n invades via the Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode

Here is what is required to jailbreak iPhone via Android

All Android devices will not be able to jailbreak an iPhone. One will need access to a rooted Android device. This Android device will need to be connected to an iPhone via USB-C and Lightening cable. Sometimes, adapters maybe used to connect the devices as well. Once the devices are connected, users will have to run the Checkra1n exploit in order to jailbreak an iPhone. 

Jailbreaking is only temporary and is not a permanent solution

As the iPhone will return to its default state when rebooted, jailbreaking is only a temporary option. However, this may be advantageous in its own way. People can use the jailbroken device to access applications that are not available in the AppStore. They can also go back to default iOS whenever they choose to by just rebooting the device. This will help eliminate any problems that may arise during jailbreaking. 

What about the warranty?

Apple has often advised its users not to jailbreak its devices. Jailbreaking may null or void any warranties that a user may have. This means, when a device experiences problems, Apple will not fix or service the device for free even it is under warranty. As this jailbreak is temporary, it is not clear if it interferes with AppleCare warranty.