Apple patent waterproof systems for their devices – waterproof iPhone incoming?

It recently came to light that Apple patented in march last year a waterproof protection system similar to what Samsung uses on their Galaxy S5. Could this be a feature for the next iPhone?

Apple_waterproof-coating 1

It was just made public that the United States’ Patent & Trademark Office received Apple’s documentation describing methods to protect electronic components from humidity last year. This is in opposition to impermeabilization, the most prominent method in the market in which the phone’s frame is completely closed off, as to prevent liquids from getting inside. Apple means to protect only the electronic components by using a hydrophobic coating with a chemical vapor deposition (PACVD). This compound would create a cape that provides protection enough to avoid malfunctions and damage to electrical components when exposed to liquid.

Apple_waterproof-coating 2

The advantage of this method is that this extra coating would be in between 1 and 10 microns thick, enabling Apple to continue their pursue of creating the thinest, smallest gadgets. This technology would make it perfect for the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, which are barely resistant to splashing as of now.

Via Apple Insider

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